Do mothballs or ammonia help repel rats?

It is common sense to know that rats may avoid making homes in a place that is clean. The things that really attract rats are the availability of food and shelter, and when you keep your property clean at all times, the chances of having to deal with a rat infestation is rather low. The entire house needs to be clean and this should include the barn, the garage and the basement too.

Keeping the house clean is one good idea, but sometimes regardless of what you do you may find rats infesting your attic and your walls. Even when the property is clutter free, the rats may still find a reason to stay there. They can even start their own mess within your home and then begin breeding and before you know it, you have a full blown infestation.

When people are faced with rats within their property, the very first instinct is to get rid of them as soon as they can. The worst thing you can do is look for an easy and quick fix that won’t even work in the long run. There are many of us that will choose to use deterrents to handle a rat infestation. The most widely advertised deterrents are mothballs and ammonia. When using the mothballs, it is recommended that you place them in places such as cupboards, sinks, toilets and even sewage lines. The aroma is what is said to cause the rats to go away because they totally hate it. However, this method isn’t a long term solution, especially when you already have an infestation within your home. When you deal with too many mothballs to often, it can actually lead to cancer. The toxicity level of the balls is also very high and it isn’t safe for the environment.

The other substance that is widely used is ammonia. There are so many people on the internet who claim that ammonia worked like magic for them. This is a repellent that many people choose due to the claims that it actually works and doesn’t harm humans or pets. It is recommended that you soak rags in the substance and then place them at different parts of the home, including areas with infestation. Also, it is sometimes recommended that the substance be placed in bowls within areas where rats infest. Ammonia is a product with a very powerful scent and it supposedly helps with a rat issue. However, when rats are already in the household, they may not care about the smell and they may simply adapt to it.

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