Is It Safe To Handle A Wild Animal With Bare Hands?

There are a wide range of wild animals out there that can visit our homes, and you might even be tempted to rescue some by handling them with bare hands. However, this is not advisable at all whether the animal is mature or young.

Why you should never handle the animals with bare hands

Wild animals come with a host of health related complications, and they can even bite you. Therefore, you should make it a point to wear heavy rubber gloves before you handle them. Take note that while some of these animals stray into homes, others are brought in by pets (including dogs) that might contract diseases and pests during contact.

What you should do

It is common knowledge that wild animals are a danger to you, your household, and pets alike, and this is why you should never at any given time handle them with bare hands. Here are a few examples of the initial steps you could take when you find wild animals in your home or yard:

• If you find a young rabbit, wear high gloves and move it to its original place (if you can find it).
• In case you come across a rabbit nest, you can move it, but if the young ones are still around, then you better wait for a few weeks until they have totally grown.
• Raccoons, skunks and foxes are relatively big animals, and the best thing you can do is call in the professionals.
• Adult rabbits are best transported in a cage or box, especially after trapping them-do not use bare hands while handling them!
• Squirrels can get jittery, and if you come across a young one, then it probably fell from a tree. You can either place it back or call in experts.
• Bats, whether young or old, should be carried only while wearing gloves lest you end up contracting rabies or other diseases.

Additional Tips

It is vital that deer, bob cats, and bears, whether they are young or not, should be handled with great care. They might be injured or sick, so to avoid contracting pests and diseases, wear gloves and other protective clothing. In this way, you will not only save the life of the animal but also avoid putting your health at risk.

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