How to keep groundhogs away from your property

Do you want to know how to keep groundhogs away from your garden? It could be difficult to choose one out of the many methods available.

Groundhogs are also known as woodchucks. These are pesky animals that often ruin your yard and ruin your peace of mind. Sometimes you are tired when dealing with these groundhogs and are looking for quick ways to handle this trouble. Fortunately, there are many methods you can use to keep them away.

Eggs can offer a short term solution

Many house owners opt for eggs because they can turn the groundhogs away. It also helps to prevent them from damaging all your plants. You can use the eggs for this purpose by cracking them open and covering the burrow with the eggs and some dirt. However, this is a messy and smelly thing to do for your garden. Moreover, it does not permanently work as it is only something temporary to keep them away from your yard.

Pepper is also a temporary solution

People also use pepper to deter groundhogs from entering their property. This is another temporary solution you can use by sprinkling the pepper around your property. Once it is covered with debris, the smell of the pepper will no longer be able to keep those groundhogs away. But you can try using a water and pepper solution. Mix it well and pour it in your area where you think groundhogs appear. And then you can also pour some in the burrows. You can repeat the steps every two or three weeks. Fences are a good idea

When you use a fence, you are using something that is solid and rigid. Be sure to thrust the bottom edge of the fence deeper than 15 inches underground so that the groundhogs won’t be able to dig through it. It is a great idea to set traps on the other side of the fence, and this gives the owners a much more long-lasting solution.

Trapping will also guarantee the groundhog’s removal from your property. You can ask a wildlife removal service to come and pick it up or you can transfer it by yourself. Trapping is by far the most humane way to get rid of these groundhogs. You have to be sure that these traps are working and set more than one so you will not have to deal with those that could escape.

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