Do groundhogs make good pets?

Some people may be determined to have a groundhog as a pet. You can also find that in some places the groundhog is called a whistle pig or a woodchuck. You have to be aware that it will continue with its instincts of chewing and digging, and it will not survive if you put it inside a cage. The groundhog may live in captivity for up to 10 years, but when it is dependent, it will not survive when you take it back into the wild.

Even if the groundhog may look as if it is an adorable pet, you should be careful when it comes to adopting it to be your pet. The groundhogs live in the wild, so forcing them to live in your home will mean removing them from their natural habitat. It is hard to take care of the groundhog since they are busy by nature.

The groundhogs are larger members of the squirrel family, and the male can reach up to 65 cm. You will not be able to put it into a small cage. You will need to give them enough space so that they can explore and move around. They will have the tendency of chewing on anything they can get their hands on, so you may have to replace carpets and furniture often.

If you have a pet cat, it can live comfortably with a groundhog, but this is not the same case as dogs. The groundhog and dogs do not like the company of each other.

In some cases, it is not legal to keep the groundhog as a pet, or to barter or sell a groundhog. In case you want to keep the groundhog like a pet, you have to get a license and a permit. It can be hard to get a vet to treat a groundhog since most of the time the vet does not learn about how to treat a groundhog. You will need to take it to the vet to get a shot to prevent rabies each year. A groundhog hibernates, so you should prepare a place where it will do so, where it is quiet and cool.

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