Gopher Repellents - Types, and do they work?

Gopher repellents can be used to control the gopher population on your property. Gophers are capable of digging burrows and travelling far distances. However, using traps and repellents might be quite useful in controlling them.

Gopher repellents are similar to rodent repellents that come in the forms of sprays or predator urine. It is one of the methods used to control gophers, and many other products can be used to repel gophers as well. There are also homemade repellents that everyone can try to use. A castor bean and garlic mixture is one example.

Gophers and moles

Gophers are similar to moles and they are categorized as pests that are known to burrow. They can dig under the soil surface and create long tunnels below the ground for them to travel to their food source. Their burrowing can damage plants and the yard. Repellents may not be completely effective, but they can be used to lessen the damage and ward off the gophers.

There is no proof that repellents work long term because they are usually a temporary repellent that allows the gophers to come back once the odor fades. A granular repellent is one of the most common repellents used for gophers. It contains castor oil and it can be used to draw moles away as well.

Do repellents really work?

Many repellents are found in the market, but their ability is similar to mothballs – not always effective enough to scare off the pests. This is not a surprise since they can adjust and adapt to the odor. And sometimes noise repellents used in the garden are not enough to scare them off either.

When opting for chemical repellents available in the store, it is important to make sure it won’t be breathed in or ingested by your pets. Otherwise it could create a hazardous environment for the pets and the family members. In order to maintain a healthy environment, animal experts suggest using gophers traps. Gophers are herbivores, so it is also necessary to ensure that you use the right kind of bait to lure them.

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