Gopher Prevention - How to keep gophers away from your yard

If gophers are able to get to your favorite plants, they may eat them. If these animals infest your garden, you may start to look for different ways to get rid of the gophers and keep them away for good. There are several effective strategies that have been used by many people to get rid of gophers.

Scatter the dropping of your pet: Before you throw away the poop of your dog or the litter of your cat, you may instead put them in the tunnels of the gopher. You should not add too much since one or two droppings are enough. Dogs and cats are predators of gophers. If a gopher smells such feces, it will think that the predator is near.

Use a scent which gophers may not like: Gophers are known to be sensitive when it comes to smelling. When they smell things which they do not like, they may not come near the area. Gophers usually prefer to keep away from castor oil, fish, coffee grounds, dryer sheets and mothballs.

You can plant the gopher spurge: This is a plant known to work as a gopher repellent. Other plants that may keep the gophers away are marigolds, daffodils and castor beans. There are some people that find that oleander plants may also be effective as a gopher repellent. You have to consider planting the oleander near the perimeter of the garden.

Use a noise device: Like all mammals, the gophers do not like to live in a place where there is too much noise. When you find gophers in the yard, you can try to make noise and repel them with a portable radio or wind chimes.

Vibrating stakes are also known to keep away gophers. They use batteries or you may buy wind operated stakes. This type of stake sticks out from the ground and they are ornamented with a windmill. You may find them online or in some nurseries. You can also use sewage based fertilizer in your garden to keep away the gophers.

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