How to get rid of rats outside

If you want to get rid of rats, you have the option to repel, to poison or to electrocute them. There are four tested methods that you can use to get rid of rats if they are outside: trapping, poisoning, habitat modification and exclusion. The trapping and the poisoning is used to control a rat problem that already exists while the exclusion will offer long term control. When it comes to dealing with rats, there is no single solution for all the problems that they cause. You may steadily poison the rats, you may electrocute them or you may make them want to keep away from the place by using a natural repellent spray or ultrasonic repellents.

There are two types of rats. There are large rats that find their way into kitchens, hang around in houses or are found in trash cans, and these are known as brown rats. Small rats may be seen running on the roof or in an attic or ceiling, and they are called black rats.

When you use poison bait, make sure that you place them where small children or pets cannot access them. When you are getting rid of outdoor rats, you need to ensure that you are not putting the poison anywhere but the place where you found the rats. The poison bait will attract the mice or rats with a pleasant smell and the rodents will feast on them. They will then die due to internal hemorrhaging and heart, liver and kidney failure. Make sure that the rats will not be able to come inside after eating the poison since it is not pleasant having to deal with the dead rat smell.

The electronic rat trap is known to be most effective and most modern trap. It will electrocute the rat at once if it touches the plate within the trap. The death of the rat will not be painful or long as can happen with regular traps that use snaps or glue. These traps use batteries so they can be put in the yard or wherever you saw the rats.

The electronic units will use a trap and kill method while the live traps catch the rats and keep them alive. Since rats will not go willingly into the trap, you will have to use natural bait to attract them.

Electronic repellents can repel the rodents using ultrasound noises that are not heard by people but make the rats panic and run away. There are devices that are effective if you want to use an alternative to poisons and traps.

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