How to Get Rid of Rabbits

Although an adorable pet, a rabbit in the wild can be carrying diseases and can also destroy your plants. To keep rabbits away, people will use a variety of methods, ranging from the use of organic ingredients that rabbits do not like to using special traps to capture rabbits. The use of certain organic materials is often disturbing to humans as well because it raises a certain unintended aroma. Therefore, a way that is easy and practical is preferred, and this is fencing or trapping rabbits. Here are some ways to make fences and traps for rabbits.

1. Make a fence of wire

Make a wire fence of any kind with a hole diameter of a maximum 2.5 centimeters or smaller. This can help deter rabbits from going into certain areas you want to protect. Place a wire fence around the growth of flowers or surrounding tree trunks or gardens. Here are the instructions to ensure that rabbits do not dig holes or jump over a fence. To avoid rusting wire, it is preferable to usewire coated with plastic.

• Build a fence with a depth of about 10-15 centimeters under the ground. Indeed, not all species of rabbits can dig, but this step will prevent certain species from digging underneath.

• At the end of the fence, make a bend up to 90 degrees outwards. This would makethe excavation of rabbits much more difficult.

2. Create and select traps in accordance with the rabbit species

For smaller species like the Cottontail rabbit, you need traps with a height of about 18 cm. To lure the rabbit, tempt it with flowers, dried fruit or cabbage in the trap. Generally, the trap will work optimally in spring or winter. In winter the food sources are quite rare, so rabbits will be more attracted by the bait that you create.

If you intend to reduce the population of rabbits using deadly traps, the most effective solution is to hunt. But first, find out in advance how to legally hunt rabbits of a particular species in your location.

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