How to get rid of pests in the attic?

Noise in your attic will be worrying and it can be an indication that rodents and other wildlife may be living in your home. Attics are the ideal environment for mice, rats or possum that can damage the items that you have stored there along with electric cabling and building materials. Attics are a great environment where birds and other animals can nest and can start to spread diseases, fleas and mites. The noises should be investigated quickly. You have to inspect the attic so that you can see if there are any signs of droppings or habitation.

The first step to get rid of pests in the attic is to identify what animal you are dealing with. They are likely mice or rats when you hear them scurrying around the attic floor or on the rafters during the night. The possums will leave an attic when it starts to get dark and will come back when the dawn comes.

If you have a mice infestation, you should deal with the problem quickly to avoid further problems. The first step is to ensure that your home is proofed against their entry. As with mice, a rat problem may turn worse if it is not dealt with quickly to reduce the risk of spreading diseases in the home or the risk of fire. Proofing the ceiling space is the right way to prevent the entry, but the infestation has to be treated at the beginning.

A possum can cause considerable damage when they gnaw on electrical cables or wood. To keep the opossum out, make sure that your home is proofed against them so that they do not re-enter after chasing them away.

It is also possible to have an insect infestation in the attic that is caused by attraction to the wood stored in the loft, textiles and droppings. Doing deep cleaning and also using insecticide will keep the insects out of the attic, but sometimes you may need professional treatment to stop the infestation life cycle.

If you have birds, you have to remove them and make sure that all the entry points have been removed by the use of solid barriers or chicken wire. You may also proof the outside of the building against birds when you use netting, a wire system and spikes.

During the summer and spring season, you may suffer from wasps in the attic. If you have wasps in your attic, you have to remove the nests while also treating the nesting wasps.

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