How to Get Rid of Gophers

Gophers can find your favorite plants and damage them in seconds. Even if you think it is a cute animal, it can be very destruction to your garden and yard. There are many issues in dealing with gophers, especially since there aren’t many effective repellents.

There are some ways you can get rid of gophers, including using the droppings of other animals. If you have a pet, you can collect their feces and scatter them where you think gophers will come. They often inhabit tunnels, so it would be ideal to place some cat’s droppings there.

The droppings of cats and dogs will be sensed as predators for these gophers, so it will be able to draw them away from the area.

Get rid of gophers by building a fence

You can build a fence under the ground so that the gophers will not be able to dig any tunnel under it. You can also use a fence to build a separated place and protect your garden. The gophers are not good at climbing, so you should make a high fence, but keep in mind to build the underground fence a few inches deeper than you would normally. The underground fence should be in an L shape so they won’t be able to dig through. The plant beds can also be used for planters that might give you extra protection.

Trap the gophers

You can also trap gophers using live trap cages. They are readily available in the market, and you should be able to get one of these trapping systems at a local home improvement store. When trying to use traps, you can consider using wood board to cover holes. Also place some stones so that it will put weight on the trap’s door once you manage to get the gophers inside.

Remember that you should not put any human scents near the traps because they can sense it and they will move away when they know someone was there. This is why you should wear gloves when handling the trap.

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