How to Get Rid of Canada Geese

There are many methods that can be used to keep the Canada Geese away.

No feeding: Geese like to be in the place where they are able to get enough food and where there is water. There are people who offer geese food and it may lead to problems since the geese will associate the place with the food source and they will not be willing to move.

Grass cultivars: The areas that have less nutritious food will not be appealing to the geese. The owner of the land may chase away the geese by mowing his land, using less fertilizer, or planting grass species that are less palatable.

Disrupting of the sight or travel lines: Using shoreline walls or rip-rap vegetation at the bank of water sources is a natural way of discouraging the geese from coming to hang out on your property. You can plant shrubs, hedges and bushes to make the place look unsafe to geese. Geese will keep away from the places where they think that predators may hide.

Exclusion is a non-lethal technique and it is effective if it is used in the proper manner. The fencing works because the Canada Geese like to be in a place where they are able to roost or feed near water and where they are able to run away if they are threatened. When geese cannot access water, they will keep away from that area. Using hedges, vertical banks, and short fences that are over one foot high around the water can be enough to keep away the geese. The use of electric fences has also been successful in some lands.

The use of frightening methods or devices is effective when the geese are new to the location or when it is during the night in a roosting period. The devices may include recorded distress calls, scarecrows, balloons, flagging and pyrotechnics.

Dogs can also be trained to chase away Canada Geese. Swans are also able to keep the geese away since they are aggressive towards them.

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