How to Get Rid of Beavers

Beavers are industrious and smart animals, and they are able to make any freshwater environment their habitat. Since they are persistent and adaptable, they cannot be controlled easily. Beavers may become destructive in some environments, and this is why it can be important to manage the beavers. If you have to get rid of the beavers, you should try the right methods to keep them in check.

Before you may embark on a control plan, you have to start by learning about the habitat of the beaver and the damage that the animals are able to cause. When you are aware of where they frequent, it will help you to know where to target.

One effective and non-lethal method to get rid of the beavers is to trap them using a live trap and to remove them physically. It takes time and patience to be able to trap the beavers since they are shy most of the time. It is easy to trap the beavers if you are aware of the best placement for the traps. You can put them at a beaver’s slide and on a dam crossover.

When the beaver has been removed from the site, you may consider modifying the habitat in order to make it less suitable for beavers. You should keep in mind that the beavers have the ability to manipulate the environment, so if you use only the habitat modification, you might not be able to remove the beavers long term.

You can dismantle the lodges and the dams of the beaver. When you break down all of these key features in the ecosystem of the beaver, it is going to be even harder for the beavers to return. Wrap the trees since they are the main building materials that beavers use. When the trees are wrapped, the trunks of the trees will prevent the beavers from cutting them down, and this will encourage them to go to a new area.

Instead of wrapping the individual trees, you could install an area fence in order to exclude the beaver completely away from the property. Fencing can be cost-prohibitive, but in the end it is an effective method of keeping the beavers away.

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