How to get free snake removal

Snakes are very common reptiles and they are located in many parts of the world. If you have a big yard with different insects, plants or even rodents, then you may meet snakes from time to time. This is a sign that the ecosystem is very healthy. However, having snakes is unsettling for many people and it can be dangerous too, especially where the snake concerned is venomous.

Non-venomous snakes
In most instances, the snakes we encounter from time to time are non-venomous, and you may be able to remove them without the need of professional help. These snakes rarely bite, and even if a bite does occur, no venom will be injected. You can use a broom to move the snake onto a plastic sheet, a plywood piece or any flat surface that you can find. You should then place a bin over the snake. You can then place one hand under the flat surface and the other on the base of the bin and flip so that the snake lands in the bin. Cover it and take the snake away from the house.

Snake in the house
If you find a snake in an area where there is a door leading outside, close the inside doors and then leave the one leading outside open so that the snake can get out by itself.

Glue traps
A glue trap can also be used when you think you may have a snake inside your home. The traps should be laid along walls where the snake is likely to crawl and get caught. Most people consider glue traps as inhumane, so keep on checking the traps once they have been set. When the snake has been caught, take it outside to the area where you want to release it. Some vegetable oil should be able to loosen the snake so that it can leave.

Outdoor snakes
If you spot a snake near the house, you may try spraying it with water to make it move. A pool skimmer can also be used to remove the snake from grass or the patio. It is always important to let the snakes go free.

There are also areas that offer free wildlife removal services, especially when the animal in question is dangerous. Do not try to handle a venomous snake all by yourself.

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