Do foxes pose a danger to pets?

So many cases of wild animal attacks have been reported in different parts of the world. There is a great potential for a wild animal to attack you if at all it feels threatened or cornered. It is a defense mechanism that aids in the survival of the species.

One of the common wild animals that you may find on your property is the fox. A fox has the potential to attack your pets in case they confront each other. This is a very common occurrence today and it is no longer strange. Also, if you have other small animals like rabbits, pigs and chickens, then the fox will definitely pay you a visit unless you fox-proof the home.

In the present day, it is not only the people in rural areas dealing with foxes. These animals have been able to adapt to life in the urban and suburban areas too. Foxes are as much scavengers as they are hunters, and when they are able to get food without much strain, they stick around for a while longer. Your trash bins could be the reason why you are having an issue with foxes.

The facts

The fox is a nocturnal animal, and so you will find them active during the night. Guarding your pets from an attack after dark is a must. Ensure that your pets remain indoors along with their food. In the wild, foxes can live up to 15 years, but those in the urban areas can live around for just 5 years.

Foxes have a very diverse diet, and they can feed on small animals, trash, plants, berries, worms and insects, among others. Foxes can cause lots of issues in the urban areas but mostly are considered as wild animals instead of pests, and therefore local authorities don’t have the mandate to cull the population or to eradicate them.

Risk to pets

There has been a heated debate on whether foxes pose a risk to pets. Most dogs can’t be considered to be in danger, but their puppies are. The smaller dogs are also at a high risk. Cats may act defensively if they feel threatened and therefore will shed fur, hiss and spit. They may try to claw if they think the fox is a threat. As such, foxes may stay away from cats.

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