Is a fox a danger to pets or farm animals?

It is unlikely that foxes will attack pet dogs even when the dog is small, but it is possible for a dog to be the one that attacks the fox. Cats are able to protect themselves from the foxes, and it is possible that the foxes will flee when they face cats. If you have a small animal like a pet rabbit, it is good to keep it in a secure place. Even if it is rare to hear a report that a fox has eaten a pet of someone, it is possible.

The fox attacks still happen on rare occasions, and they should not be ruled out completely. Most of the time, the problem may rise in the cub season when the fox becomes very protective of its young. Cats are notorious for their curiosity and for mauling small animals, but it is possible for a fox to harm a cat if there is an altercation.

It is good to remember that when it comes to small pets, the fox is always the predator. When rabbits, chickens and guinea pigs are involved, the fox can attack and eat them. In this case, it is important to have a quality pen to prevent the fox from entering inside. However, there is less concern when it comes to dogs or cats since most of the time they will outweigh the adult fox.

There is serious damage that may be caused by a fox when it attacks a farm. They can kill water fowl, goats, poultry, calves or lambs. The foxes are opportunistic animals, and if they can find lambs easily, they may make them their dinner. Foxes also have been reported to attack free range poultry, emu chicks, ostrich, deer or cows that are already injured.

Foxes may also cause environmental damage, especially when they prey on certain small species. They eat reptiles, small mammals and birds. They can eat endangered or near extinction species. The foxes have been known to contribute greatly to the extinction pressure of some important species.

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