Should I feed a baby raccoon I found?

If you find baby raccoons that still have eyes closed, it means that they are too young to survive away from the mother. If you find a baby raccoon, you should use heavy gloves or even towel so as to pick them up as gently as possible and then place them in a box that is lined with a t-shirt that is clean. You also need to examine the baby for any possible injuries and then make sure you place a lid on the box and create air holes all over the place a rubber band around the box. This is the safest way you can be able to get the babies to a rehabilitator without causing them any kind of harm.

Do not attempt to feed the young ones. This is something that should only be carried out by the rehabilitators who have experience in such matters. Raccoons are known as some of the most familiar and most destructive critters that are found in North America. They are mammals that in the past typically lived in wooded areas and meadows, but now they have realized that being near humans may yield better food scores, so they have started to make their homes in urban and rural environments. If you live in a house that is found near the home of a raccoon, you can expect that it will come to visit at least once. When the raccoons are aware that you have food available, they will frequently pay a visit to you while searching for shelter or food.

After the babies have been placed within the box and you notice they are cold, make sure that you place a heating pad and set it on area than is non-conductive. The container should then be placed half on and half off your heating pad so as to make sure that they can be able to move away or towards the heat if they require to.

The wild raccoons usually require a specialized formula so feeding them is a little bit tricky. Rehabilitators are the only ones who are well trained to offered the formula which is appropriate for the species and they know the right feeding schedule and the correct protocolin case there is a need for rehydration. There is also the risk of aspirating the baby. This is where the baby will breathe the fluid. This can happen if you sue utensils that aren’t correct for feeding. The babies are so fragile and they may not be up to human handling. They may die of stress if they aren’t handled well or if they stay in cage for a long time. You need to make sure that there are no birds around the babies and also avoid any household noise, bright light and domestic lights should also be kept away.

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