Fastest way to get rid of raccoons

Raccoons are very common, especially in the United States, and identifying one isn’t that hard. These are animals that are rather adaptable and very versatile in their nature. They love being in areas that have a water source nearby. However, today it isn’t a surprise to find a raccoon in cities and towns. This is because they are omnivorous and they very skillful when it comes to browsing dumpsters. Raccoons can feed on bugs, fish, veggies, meat and fruits among other things. Regardless of how good raccoons are, they can wreak havoc on your property if you do not deal with them in a timely manner. These animals are nocturnal and spotting them may be very difficult. Some of the best methods that can be used to get rid of raccoons fast include:

Live traps:
you will need to be very careful when choosing a trap. It has to be really good in order to be effective. Having a good trap will really help. Before choosing this method, check with the local laws because in some places trapping and relocating raccoons is sometimes illegal and you may need a permit to do this. Choose a spacious trap that has a solid construction. Raccoons are not very choosy when it comes to their diet and can eat practically anything, so finding bait shouldn't be too hard. Be careful when handling them.

Trash protection:
it is important to raccoon proof your home. One of the areas that the raccoons totally love is the trash because they can find a lot of nice things to eat in there. You need to make sure that your trash can is always tightly closed at all times and taken to a locked area at night to discourage these unwanted guests. Metal trashcans work great.

Clean the yard:
keeping your yard clean will deter the raccoons and they will move on to find other places with an adequate supply of food. Pet food shouldn't be left out, especially at night. If you have fruit trees, rake up all those fallen fruits because once they begin to rot, the fragrance will attract the raccoons. Take care of the bird feeders. You should make sure that the raccoons don’t get to them. You may also consider bringing them in at night. There is a great chance that raccoons will stop coming around once they realize that there are no supplies for them, especially if they aren’t living in the yard.

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