How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove armadillos without trapping them

Armadillos are known for their digging habits, and they can be destructive. This is why it is important to deal with the armadillos from the first day you see any of their damage signs. It is better to deal with armadillos using different methods since it is like taking care of the problem from many angles. There are many ways to deal with armadillos in your yard, but using one way funnels helps to get rid of armadillos without having to deal with them after catching them.

The first step towards successful exclusion is to know the areas where armadillos live and where they like to dig. When you use one-way exclusion, you will be able to get rid of these animals without having to trap them. A funnel has moveable wings and the attachments to install it near a building. To ensure success, you should install it on the hole that armadillos use to enter into a building. When an armadillo goes outside, it will push its way into the wings of the funnel, but it is not able to come back into the building since the funnel allows only one way entry. Besides funnels, there are also many types of one-way door setups that can be used. For the exclusion to work, you should identify all the holes that the armadillos are using and then close all of them leaving the main one open.

However, you should know that when armadillos go out, it will not be solving the entire problem of the armadillo infestation since new ones can move in or the old one can find another way to enter into the property. When you are sure that you have excluded the armadillos successfully, you should use fences to keep the new ones away. To keep the armadillos out completely, the fence should be at least 24 inches tall and it should penetrate into the ground at least 6 inches. Even if fencing may look intrusive in the backyard, it is the best way that you will be able to keep the armadillos out and prevent destruction.

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