Animals in the eaves

When there is an animal in your eaves, walls and attic, you can learn how to get rid of it or how to live with it.

A wild animal lives by looking for resources in the environment. They can enter into your home if there is a missing or loose fascia board. They do not understand that you do not want them there. They like to be in a quiet, safe, dark and warm place where the elements cannot get to them.

The raccoons or gray squirrels may get access to the eaves through roof boards, fascia, and rotten, missing or loose soffit. When the areas are not rotten yet, they can gnaw or scratch their way into the place.

The animals may also enter using attic vents. The squirrels can gnaw within the wooden vent cover while the raccoons can tear open the vent cover so that they can enter.

The branches and trunks of trees near the structure may also be a means of the animals to get into the eaves or attic.

You can find out that you have animal in the attic when you hear scampering and scurrying noises or if there are signs like urine, droppings, twigs, leaves and nests of paper.

If you want the animal to leave, you can try different methods to make it leave.

Hazing is trying what you can do to disturb the quiet, safe and dark place of the animal. When you make the place smelly, noisy and bright, the animal may not feel safe anymore and it may leave. When the animal has left, you should animal proof the place so that new animals will not come inside. Animal proofing means to install a barrier which the animal will not be able to dig under, pull part or climb over.

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