Do rats hibernate

In fact, the rats do not hibernate. Rats continue to be active throughout the year and store food reserves to face the cold winters. However, the proliferation of ratsis slowed down during the winter. Their habits during winter remain consistent regardless of the environment, but they use different types of shelters depending on the location.The cold weather requires them to find isolation and shelter from the elements. A food source is also necessary for survival.

Because it does not hibernate, the rat has to find a place to stay and food to get through the winter.Human settlements and buildings provide shelter for the rat during cold periods.The crawl space area under a house is a common space where the rat will stay. Rats also will take advantage of a garage and warehouse if an isolated space is available in the structure. They do not like exposure and require a hidden area. Rats also will occupy the interior of the house in some circumstances.

In general, the rats that live in domestic areas reside in outdoor buildings, houses, inside walls or even a car. Rats will be looking for a place to stay hidden. Rats who live in the wilderness will take refuge in a pile of lumber, logs, holes, hollow trees or old burrows. Rats can enter through a hole with a diameter of 0.6 inches with a height of about 40 inches vertically to jump.

In addition to part of a building, some rats will also take up residence in a vehicle that is not being used as a shelter during the winter. Rats will use part of the engine compartment and ventilation to enter and find shelter. They will use the vehicle interior such as pillows or upholstered seats to create a nesting site.

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