Do raccoons swim?

If you are wondering whether raccoons can swim, the answer is yes and very well too. You may be able to see a raccoon in water for some hours. Their swimming speed is around 3m/h.

Raccoons are known to forage for food at river banks, and they therefore utilize their ability to swim so as to catch crustaceans and frogs. They have a torso that is compact and some short legs, and this prevents them from quick runs or jumps of a greater distance. In short distances, the raccoons are only able to reach a speed of around 10-15 miles an hour. When compared to animals of a similar size, their ability to climb trees downwards with the head coming first is impressive.

One of the most well-known things about the raccoons is them dousing their food before they eat it. This is something that has been observed near water sources. Raccoons have been known to dabble for food that is underwater just near the shore line. They have been observed to pick up the food using their front paws to examine it and then rub it. Sometimes this is done to take away the parts that they do not want, and this is what makes most people think that the raccoons are actually washing their food.

The sensitivity of the paws of a raccoon actually increases when the action of running is carried out underwater because the water softens the layers that are rather hard on the paws of the animal. If raccoons were not able to swim, then it would be impossible for them to actually hunt for aquatic foods.

Raccoons have for a long time been able to impress a lot of people and scientists with their ability to carry out certain activities. They are intelligent animals with a vast diet, including what they find underwater.

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