What diseases do raccoons carry?

Raccoons are known to be disease carriers and such diseases can be very easily be transmitted to the humans as well as animals. This can happen once you come into contact with the raccoon itself or with the waste they excrete. It is possible for both the baby raccoons as well as the mature ones to shed parasites, bacteria and viruses. When these are exposed to animals and humans, it may result into very infectious disease. This is one of the reasons as to why humans should never handle the waste from raccoons without the correct training and correct protective hear.

Humans are exposed to potentially fatal diseases when they handle the animal or come into contact with the bodily excretions such as feces, urine and saliva. Scratches and bites can also lead to exposure. The materials and environment that the raccoons use can also pose a great risk.

The possible diseases include:

• Rabies: this is a virus that spreads from contact with the rabid animal’s saliva or bites and scratches. Raccoons are rabies carriers.

• Baylisascaris Procyonis: this is the raccoon round worm which is a parasite found on the raccoons intestines. Lot6s of eggs are shed in feces and the feces can affect humans after they incubate for some 2-4 weeks. Exposure to such matter as you handle the animal, clean and feed it, can lead to a disease as well as CNS infection. The primary exposure route is through ingestion.

• Giardiasis: this is a protozoan infection which is microscopic and it can be transmitted by different animals. This organism is carried by raccoons and it is present in feces. It may contaminate surfaces, soil and water. His disease can be contracted by ingesting the cysts from different sources. Gastrointestinal symptoms then present themselves.

• Leptospirosis: this is a bacterial infection that can be transmitted and contracted by humans and animals alike. Different species of the Leptospira can be found in animal. Raccoons can pass it through secretions and urine. When excretions are ingested or find a way to open wounds, infection may occur.

There are parasites that can also be transmitted by the raccoons.

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