What kind of diseases can rabbits cause?

Rabbits are commonly made pets because of their good nature. Rabbits are also safe and easy to maintain. However, rabbits have been known to spread diseases to humans on occasion. Rabbits can be struck down by an infection from parasites, bacteria and other disease agents. For example, the parasitic infection called scabiosis can result in Ectoparasites Notoedrescati and Sarcoptessp being present in the rabbit.

Rabbit diseases can be transmitted to humans through direct contact with diseased rabbits with scabiosis. The effect in humans will be very itchy. Therefore, after contact with rabbits suffering from scabiosis, the owners are required to wash their hands with soap and are advised to wear gloves when handling the rabbit in the future.

In addition, rabbits also can be dangerous because they can transmit the disease tularemia. Tularemia is a disease that can cause serious respiratory problems. Tularemia is also known as rabbit fever. Symptoms include sudden fever, chills, joint pain, and weakness. In fact, the infected person may be at risk of pneumonia (inflammation of the lung organ) and difficulty breathing. People who are at high risk for this disease are hunters.

The threat of the spread of diseases can be overcome if the owners do a variety of prevention methods. When choosing a rabbit to be adopted, you must pick one that is really healthy and old enough (at least 2 months). Always maintain a sanitary cage, give it the feed according to its nutritional needs, and keep the beloved bunny away from contact with ill animals.

After making contact with pet rabbits, do not forget to wash your hands so that there is no transmission of any disease from the rabbits to the pet owners. Do not hesitate to bring the rabbit pet to the nearest vet when it shows signs of being sick so that it can receive immediate medical attention.

If you take proper care of your pet rabbit and take all safety precautions when handling the animal, you should not have to worry about contracting any diseases from your furry pet.

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