How to deodorize your house from a dead animal

If you understand the happenings surrounding tissue breakdown, you may be able to appreciate the powerful and indescribable odor that is associated with it. The very first decomposition stage starts as soon as life goes out of a body. Any fluid will drain to the lowest part of the body, resulting in discoloration and stiffness. The PH of the body then starts changing and the cells start breaking down. Without any natural defense, any oxygen that is within the body breaks down. This cellular material breakdown creates the odor that is strongly associated with a carcass that is deceased. The decomposition process has to be complete for the body to stop smelling. After the remains dry out, you will not be able to sense any smell. The bad thing is that the process can take many weeks or months depending on how big the animal was in the first place.

This is one of the reasons why you need to remove the carcass – to make the smell stop. However, the process isn’t as easy as it sounds because some of the animal remains can be within crevices that are so well hidden within the home, and sometimes they can be behind sheetrock. You may need a wildlife removal expert to find the exact location of the animal. A professional will be able to pin point the exact location and get the animal out as fast as possible.

Sometimes even the removal of the animal isn’t enough because the microorganisms and fluids still remain. Such an area needs to be cleaned with a cleaner that is enzymatic. The wood, insulation and dry wall that has been saturated with the fluids may have to be removed and replaced to get rid of the smell.

There are some home remedies that can work, and they include baking soda that has been mixed together with water to create a paste and then left to dry. Some people have had some form of success with the technique.

Bleach can also be used, but it only works well if a much stronger dilution has been used. The bleach can also harm wall materials. An ozone generator can sometimes be used as it breaks down the air molecules and most professionals use it.

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