How to cut a dead animal from inside a wall

If an animal dies within a wall, it can be a messy affair. Finding the animal and removing it can be even trickier, but it can and must be done. The odor that is related to dead animals can be very disturbing, and that is why it is so important to know exactly how to handle such situations should they arise. The wall interior is one of the hard to reach areas within the home, and when it is impossible to use another option, you may have to cut the wall open.

In some cases, you may be able to go into your attic and access the walls in this way. Sometimes you can use a snare tool from the attic and then grasp the animal. This is in very rare cases. Most times, you will have to cut the wall open.

In order to find the point where the animal is, you need to sniff around. You cannot start cutting until you have found the specific location of the animal. You also have to confirm that the animal is indeed in the wall and not in any other location like the attic or even beneath the house.

Sometimes, if you feel the process is too much for you, you can hire a professional to find the animal and cut it out. Sniffing each and every inch of the wall is very necessary if you are to locate that exact point. Most experts are able to know where the animal is based on the odor. At the point where the animal is, the stench will be stronger and it changes in nature too. The area may also be a bit warmer because of the decomposition. Once the spot is found, special tools are used to make a hole.

An animal can fall down the wall and is unable to get out. If you detect any kind of scratching or movement at your wall’s bottom, it is better to handle the situation right away because the animal may suffer and finally die inside the wall, causing a total mess.

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