How to find a dead animal inside a house

An animal can die within the house for different reasons. This is why it is totally discouraged to poison rodents and other animals that may be inside your house as they may end up dead in areas that are very hard to find. When you have a dead animal inside the house, it is not hard to tell. This is because of the foul smell that is associated with the decaying flesh of the animal. This is a stench that can totally alter your outlook on life and completely affect your day to day living. It therefore becomes very important to find and remove the dead carcass so as to get life back to normal.

In order to find the dead animal, you need to try and narrow down where the odor is coming from. Determining a specific room can be a great help. This can be a bit tricky to determine because the odor is sometimes stronger in the area that has the least flow of air even when the carcass isn’t that close.

If the house is elevated, you could have to crawl under it to look for the dead animal. It could be under your house.

You can also crawl into the attic and move around sniffing to try to find the animal. You may also have to dig within the insulation in case an animal such as a rat actually died there.

Sometimes the animal could be within the wall. In such a case, you need to sniff with the nose directly on the wall until you find the area that has the most powerful stench of all. You can use a saw to make a hole in the specific area and then remove the carcass.

The only way to get rid of that stench is to find the animal and make sure it is completely removed. You need to wear rubber gloves when removing the animal and then place it inside a plastic bag. The area where the animal was located needs to be sprayed using a cleaner that is enzyme based so as to deal with any maggots that may be alive. The carcass can then be burnt or buried if it is a big one, but smaller rodents can simply be disposed into the trash.

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