What to do if you have a dead animal in the chimney

When you smell a terrible odor emanating from the fireplace, then it is very possible that there is a dead animal within the chimney. You may have heard some scratching within the chimney some days ago and then the noise just stopped. This could be because the animal simply died because of dehydration and exhaustion. Sometimes animals can fall into the chimney and fail to make their way back up.

If there is a dead animal in the chimney, you need to make sure that the carcass is extracted by searching within the flue after opening the damper. You can also attempt to remove the animal from the top using a hook and rod. Sometimes the animal can be in the firewall flue. If you aren’t in a position to handle the matter, it may be necessary to look for a pro that will take care of it for you.

When you have a dead animal within your property, in this case in your chimney, it can be really disheartening, but it is all a part of living. The animals die naturally, but sometimes the death is totally accidental. Sometimes animals can create homes within the chimney even when they are not capable of getting out on their own. However, some do fall in without wanting to do so.

Regardless of how the animal died, when it does so within your chimney, you have to handle the matter immediately or else life will become unbearable. A dead animal is not something you want to be stuck with for an unnecessary period of time. The stench is totally unbearable and you need to have it handled before it permeates the house.

Dead animals may also pass diseases to pets and you if wrongly handled. Some insects are associated with dead carcasses, and this is not good for you and your pets and the entire household in general.

When handling such a matter, it is best to check whether there are any state regulations governing the proper disposal of dead carcasses. Some areas have very well laid out strict laws that dictate what has to be done with a carcass, especially when improper disposal can have bad effects on health.

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