How to get a dead animal out of your car

If an animal dies in a car, then the source of the terrible stench may be tricky to find. Mice only need a hole that is the size of a small coin to be able to enter into your home, and it is easy for it to crawl in the small spaces found within the car. When mice or another small animal enters into your car, it could get stuck, curl up and die. As the animal decomposes, the stench will grow and it will be unbearable before things will start to be better.

If you want to locate the animal that died in your car, you will need to have plastic bags, face masks, rubber or plastic gloves, a flashlight and a plastic bag to put the dead animal in when you find it. You should also have odor remover with you.

Small animals may enter into the smallest of places, so even if the smell may be awful, it is good to use the nose in order to pinpoint where the problem is. You have to go around the car and find out where the smell is strongest. Look into the cabin air filter to see if there are droppings or food bites and other signs. You can remove the seats and look under them.

When you find the dead animal, you should remove its remains. You need to have rubber gloves with you and a face mask to remove the animal, and the smell may get worse when you remove it. You should pull the entire animal out along with the bugs and maggots which have accumulated on its decaying body. Put everything in the plastic bag, then seal it and dispose of it in the proper way. Afterwards, you have to clean the place well and to remove the odor and other debris. When you cannot find the dead animal, you have to try to remove the odor.

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