How to get rid of critters in the attic?

When you have critters in the attic, you will be able to tell through scampering and scurrying noises in the attic. Rodents, raccoons and squirrels may bring diseases to your place, and they can cause damage to the wiring or create a fire hazard. Keeping such animals out is the right approach to dealing with them. You should take the steps needed to correct conditions that attract critters to your place. If you still get the wildlife in the attic, the following are humane and safe ways of getting rid of these animals.

Other signs that will show that you have animals in the attic are droppings, urine, and nests that are made using paper, twigs and leaves. You may find distributed insulation that the pests had nested in, and when they have destroyed the insulation, you will have to replace this. You could also have the ducts ripped apart in the cases of raccoon infestation.

You will also have to identify the type of critters you have in the attic before you can deal with them. Squeaking and gnawing during the night is likely from rats, the scurrying and scampering noise is from rodents and squirrels, while whinnies, screams, hisses, grows, snarls, whimpers and purrs are from raccoons.

To remove the critters from the attic, take the following steps:

Do not panic since the possum and raccoons may have wandered into the home accidentally and they are already looking for the way to go out.

You should keep a distance from the animals if you have pets or children in order to prevent bites. The raccoons, skunks and squirrels can carry around rabies and all contact with them should be avoided. The animals can be dangerous and they tend to defend themselves by scratching or biting when threatened or trapped.

To force the animal to go out on its own, you should open the windows and doors and then turn on the lights without blocking the exit. When it is clear that the animal went out, block the entrance it uses to get inside. Make sure that you inspect your home regularly to ensure that there is no rotting woods, weak spots or holes.

If you have mice or rats in the attic, you should make sure that the rats cannot get access to water and use bait traps and snap traps to get rid of them one by one. If you have squirrels, seal all the entry holes, but leave one exit and entry hole open so that you can use the one-way exclusion method. For raccoons and possums, you can also use the one-way exclusion method.

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