Do coyotes make good pets?

The debate of whether coyotes make good pets has been ongoing for a relatively long period of time. The answer to this question is two sided; while some people are for domestication of coyotes, others outright reject coyotes as pets. Therefore, it is vital for you to understand the facts before choosing a coyote as a pet. Take note that some of the facts have been proven by research, but some incidents of coyotes attacking humans is reason to doubt whether they can make good pets. It’s all a matter of your decision and whether the laws within your jurisdiction allow people to own coyotes as pets.

There is substantial evidence that coyotes are increasingly becoming naturally domesticated like foxes. A breeder can successfully come up with a coyote that is ready to become a pet if the correct coyote traits are chosen. In most cases, the breeder can go for the docile types and come up with a coyote that is friendlier to the human race. Take note that the opposite is true – if violent traits are used, then the result is an untamable coyote. This is a significant step that proves that coyotes can make a good pet.

There are also a number of incidences that young coyotes have been raised from birth by those who were willing to domesticate these animals. However, when they grew up they were quite violent and not as friendly as when they were still young. This means that raising the young coyote does not necessarily result in tamable traits. And so, this point waters down the fact that a coyote can be a good pet.

On the other hand, there are situations where dogs have bred with coyotes and the pups are great. In other words, they can be easily domesticated, not violent, and can learn new tricks just like dogs. In most cases, you can achieve better results if the female party is a home dog that has been raised by a reliable owner and not the other way round. In urban areas there are coyotes living alongside humans with no or little conflict. As such, whether coyotes can make good pets all depends on variable factors, including breeding.

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