Are coyotes dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

Generally, most wild animals will pose a danger to our domestic pets. Thus coyotes can pose a real danger to these animals. In nature, they are very important as they feed on unwanted pests such as mice and rats; hence they help balance the ecosystem. It is important to know that coyotes can be found in both the urban and suburban areas. Knowing that, it is important for pet owners to take care of the animal companions they have.

Coyotes will predate on small domestic animals

Coyotes, being carnivores, normally predate on small mammals such as mice, rabbits, ground squirrels, and rats, among others. However, given a chance, they can predate on domestic animals such as cats and dogs. Not only are small breeds of dogs in danger but also the larger ones. This is because the coyotes hunt in pairs or in groups.

How do we protect the dogs?

Knowing that coyotes can predate or cause harm to our pets, it is important to protect them always. The most important thing is to make sure you are with your pets when you take them out. Do not let them wander away and disappear to places where you cannot see them. When walking your dog in public, keep it on a leash. Small dogs should not be chained in an area that is prone to coyote attacks.

Protecting the cats

Cats should always be kept indoors. There are countless dangers that they face when they go out. The few times that they will be out, make sure you can guarantee their safety. One of the ways is by proving escape routes. This is in case they encounter any danger; they need to be able to escape. Train your cat to feed at a specific time during the day. When they are done eating, always pick up the leftovers to avoid having coyotes come to your place to feed.

What to remember about protecting your pets

• Do not leave your pets unattended in high risk areas.
• Pick up all the leftovers after every feeding to discourage wild animals from coming to feed on them.
• Provide escape routes for cats.
• In clear areas with no trees, provide cat posts.
• Always discourage coyotes from coming near your home.

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