Is a coyote that is active during the daytime sick or rabid?

It is not unusual to see coyotes during the daytime because they are more versatile animals and able to adapt to different environments with ease. This does not necessarily mean it is rabid or sick in anyway, but it might just be out searching for food. In almost all cases, this animal (canisLatras) is quite opportunistic and will venture out either at night or during the day. The fact that some of the animals they eat like squirrels are only seen during the day necessitates that they hunt during this time. In other words, those seen during the day might be out getting a meal for themselves and the young ones.

There are also incidences that the coyotes might exhibit ‘brazenness’ and have people worried, but this also does not mean that the animal is sick. If they find a food source near where humans live, then definitely they will often be seen during the daytime. In this case, you shouldn’t be worried at all as most of the coyotes are able to cohabitate with human beings. If pet food is left on porches in the yard, then you can expect these animals to be seen around. This is especially true if there is a high population in the region where you reside.

It’s a fact that the coyotes’ sense of smell is unmatched in many ways, and if you have calves or lambs, then expect a visit from these animals. Furthermore, their sense of hearing and sight is remarkable. This is what will help them move out of their dens during the days to hunt. Additionally, they tend to be seen mostly before dusk and before sunrise and might delay going back to the dens. Overall, it is not unusual to spot one during the day.

A sick or rabid coyote might exhibit several symptoms, and these include but are not limited to: loss of hair, being seen all day long, and attacking people without warning. In case you notice such traits, do no hesitate to get rid of the coyote before it getsrid of you.

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