How do I clean wild animal feces out of my attic?

When you have had an episode of wild animals living in the attic, it is good to have the attic cleaned. The animals do leave feces and urine behind after being evicted from the attic. Sometimes the animals may have a specific area where they urinate or pile their feces, while others may spread the poop around the entire attic.

Inspect the damage

The cleanup work to be done largely depends on the infestation level. The first thing you should do is inspect the amount or volume of the animal waste to be cleaned. This will help you determine the kind of tools you will require and perhaps the time it will take.

Are you up to the task?

For large animals, the poop may be picked up easily; however, the urine may soak through the insulation, drywall or wood in the attic. It is also not easy to remove the urine or the feces by hand. Decide if you are up to the task involved, and if not, call a qualified person to do the work for you.

Attic restoration

• The first thing you should do is to wear protective clothing such as aprons, disposable grooves, rubber boots or disposable boots.
• Wear a respirator – they are available in hardware stores.
• Mist the area to be cleaned using a spray bottle to avoid blowing up so much dust. It is good to use the electric powered atomizer that creates a fine mist that may flow within the entire attic, and it can reach every nook and cranny.
• Use a shovel to remove feces and feces infected materials.
• Once you are through cleaning, disinfect the area with any recommended disinfectant.

When there is wildlife waste in the attic, then the atomizer is going to do a great job, and it will kill the harmful pathogens and the odor as well. The insurance of the homeowners may pay for the restoration and clean up when there is the possibility of health problems. Remember to close all the entrances once you are through with the cleaning process. This will ensure that the animals will not regain entry again. Keep checking for these unwanted visitors regularly.

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