Chipmunk Prevention - How to keep Chipmunks away from yard or landscaping

A chipmunk is a cute animal, but if you have crops, flourishing berries or a garden, you may not think that chipmunks are cute anymore because they are destructive and they can eat anything that they find in their way.

If you want to keep the chipmunk away, keep the following in mind. The chipmunk can be scared away by the use of predators and loud noise. When you do not have a hawk or an owl nearby, you can use a decoy. You can place a decoy near a nest or in a place where you know that the chipmunk likes to come. You may try using a predator’s scent like the coyote or bobcat’s urine. However, you should know that these predator scents are not that effective and you may have to reapply them regularly in order to make them fresh. When you are in a place where there is too much rain, this method may not work. You can trap the chipmunks that are found on your property, but this is a job that requires much patience since it is time consuming. You may use a lethal trap or a live trap to capture the chipmunk. The worst way that you can try to get rid of the animals is to use poison. This is a dangerous method since you put other animals and even humans at risk.

To prevent chipmunks from eating your plants, you may spray pepper or hot sauce on them. Then the chipmunk will not be able to eat your plants. You can set mothballs near the foundation of the house or near the plants that you are protecting. Mothballs are not able to eliminate the chipmunk, but they can push the critters away back to the perimeter of the yard and away from the landscaping. You may add things that the chipmunks do not like to smell like blood meal at the roots of the plants. You may also place un-chewed sticks of fragrant gum where the chipmunks like to pass.

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