Is it legal for me to catch a venomous snake?

Before you handle any snake that you might discover in your yard or home, it is important to quickly research the laws in your area that pertain to how a snake should be treated. For instance, in many areas it is unlawful to capture or kill certain kinds of snakes. It is also illegal to trade some kinds of snakes for money or anything with monetary value. Some snakes are on the list of endangered species and it is punishable by law to kill them. These snakes may be rare, but when anyone sees one, they need to notify the local conservation committee.

There are states where native snakes, including venomous ones, are protected by the local laws and it is against the law to kill them if they are not posing a danger to any person or to the property. Local laws typically ensure that killing non-game species, including snakes, is only allowed under some circumstances.

There are some species that are classified as endangered species and it is illegal to collect or to kill these snakes without an approved reason. Killing the snake is allowed if they do pose an imminent threat to the safety and health of the people nearby. The plants and animals are protected in the boundaries of the state and national parks and in other nature preserves or sanctuaries.

Even if there is a low level of risks that may be posed by non-venomous snakes, there are many people who justify their reasons of killing them. There are states that punish people with over $1000 fine or a year in jail for killing or possessing non-game wildlife species, and this includes non-venomous snakes. Keeping the snakes as pets is also illegal when the person does not have the right permit. States may not always protect venomous snakes since they can pose a threat to humans. It is important to identify the exact species of snake when possible before taking any actions toward it.

You should get a permit from the proper authorities when you want to capture and keep a snake. They will inform you whether it is legal to capture venomous and non-venomous snakes in your area and can give you a list of snakes on the endangered list that you will definitely not be allowed to capture. In this way you can avoid a large fine or even jail time.

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