Canada Goose Prevention - How to keep Canada Geese away from a yard or pond

Canada Geese are found mostly in parks and near water sources. They do live in parks for many months, or in some cases they may be making only a quick stop while immigrating. Even if people enjoy seeing them in the yard, the joy can turn to a nightmare when these geese decide to stay on the properties. When you have these birds, you should never try to scare them out yourself since they can be aggressive.

To make sure that Canada Geese do not come to your property in the first place, you should have a herding dog. The dog can be trained to keep away geese. They do not harm them, but they do force them to stay away by ensuring that they do not come on the property to eat. They harass the geese and ensure that they do court or nest on the property.

Decoys like those made in the shape of swans can help keep geese away. Swans protect their areas, and if they are found in the water, geese will not try to go in that water. The decoys have to look like they are floating, which will give a natural appearance to these decoys. The decoys are cheap, but when geese find out that they are not real, you will have to learn about other methods to use.

Using certain colors or sounds may make the Canada geese leave without even landing. The use of iridescent foil may scare the animals away since when the lights hit on it, it will display their reflections in many directions. Ribbon will also blow in the wind, and this will make a metallic noise which will annoy the geese and they will move away.

There are many audio repellents which may be bought to keep away these animals. If you have a large area of land, you will have to buy more than just one. The repellent will make a warning and danger noise to scare the geese away. However, the geese may learn that the noises are not a real threat, and then they will not move.

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