What kind of damage can Canada Geese cause?

The activities of Canada Geese can cause some damage. The damage normally results in economic loss to the land manager or to landowners because of spoiled crops, the cost of cleaning up the droppings of the geese, and the cost of turf management. A few landowners may be tolerant of having a small number of geese on their lands, but when there are a large number of geese, the damage may be worse. In addition to people reporting the problems of loss in their private or developed properties, the Canada Geese may also affect the ecosystem in certain areas. Such type of damage may lead to implications for the conservation of wildlife for sensitive ecosystems.

Canada Geese cause damage to turf grass or other surfaces because of fecal and foraging contamination, and this can create a huge economic loss for people. Geese like to forage on lush green turf that may grow on golf courses. This makes it the ideal place for geese to have pit stops, or they may make it their permanent territory where they live. Complaints coming from golf courses have risen over the past several years. The geese, even in a low number, may damage the grass or may litter the place with their defecation. This will reduce the recreational use and esthetic value of these areas.

When the Canada Geese enter a park, they may trample the grass and spoil the soil, and this may prevent vegetative growth and it lead to overgrazing that may be largely problematic in parks where people like to visit. In suburban or urban communities, people may love having the geese around until the geese cause extensive damage because their feces are scattered around or they otherwise damage the lawns.

It is challenging to deal with geese problems, especially in urban areas because there is a need to develop effective management strategies that are socially acceptable and humane. Using lethal alternatives may be more cost effective, but they are not known as being socially acceptable. There are many other options available that will not harm the geese.

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