Can rats swim?

Rats are not only able to swim but they are known to be the best swimmers. They are able to tread water for over three days without stopping and they can stay underwater for three minutes. Rats are known to fit into small places since they have a spine that can be collapsed when it is squeezed. The rats are able to swim from one island to another.

If you have a pet rat, you should be aware that rats are able to swim. The rats may choose to play with the water and not swim. However, you should know that rats get stressed out easily and you should not push your rat to swim for a long period.

Some rats may enjoy the water, while others may dread it. Some rats keep away from water while others will play with it. All rats have been built to be able to swim, and it is an activity that can be relaxing or stressful to them according to the rat’s preference.

Rats are also known to swim in the sewer and toilet drainage. This is because there are many foods that are being flushed, and dog and human feces also have undigested food.

In the communities where the municipal sewer systems are old, the plumbers get the call to remove rats from the toilet bowl. This may take place where the sewer lines have been broken or where they have fallen into disrepair. This also happens during the seasonal rains when the water can overwhelm a sewer system. The rats may stay in the water for over four years and they can swim over one kilometer or even more if they want to reach dry land – and this may be your bathroom or your toilet. When a rat emerges in the toilet bowl, it may be exhausted because of its trip and it will not be aggressive. To keep the rats out, you should use a sewer pipe that is made with clay or PVC and it should be 60cm wide. Use a one way rat baffle within the sewer line. Ensure that there is no open garbage can near the drains. This ensures that rats will not come near the entrance for food. If you see a rat in the toilet, put bleach in the bowl and close the lid so that the rat will die inside. You may call a plumber and he will use a snare in order to remove the rat.

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