Do rats jump? How high or how far?

Rats can jump horizontally to a distance that is over 4 feet, and they can jump vertically up to 3 feet. It can fall over 50 feet and not get any injury. Rats are able to climb up pipes easily and around wires that are either horizontal or vertical. They are even able to swim against the sewer line.

A rat will not have many barriers that can stop it from reaching where it wants to go. It can run along or even climb trees, vines, cables, ropes, poles, fences, pipes and electrical wires. Rats can climb vertically on plastic, sheet metal, concrete, brick and wood. Rats can gnaw on anything and they may chew on window screens, vinyl, rubber and wood.

If you want to control the rats, you should do it when they are still outside and not when they have already entered into your home. You should ensure that permanent form control structures are built outside. Use materials that the rats may not gnaw through; like iron grills, perforated metals, expanded metals and sheet metal. You should seal all the entrances that are greater than 1/4 inch, including the roof vents. You should eliminate the gaps found near wires, cables or pipes. Seal off the roof vents, the roof intersection and the roof eaves where the chimney may intersect.

To make sure that the rats do not jump from outside to your property, you need to remove any dead palm fronds. Make sure that all the tree limbs and tall plants are at least six feet away from the roof, utility lines, eaves, attic vents and roof. Avoid thin ivy or thick vegetation without clearance underneath that may prevent the harborage of the rodents. Remove all the ripe or fallen nuts and fruits.

The rats that are well known for their jumping ability are the roof rats. They are dark brown or black and can measure 13 to 18 inches in length, including the tail. They may weigh 5-9 ounces. They are slender and have ears that are large and look hairless. The roof rats like to make their nests in debris, woodpiles or trees. The roof rats love to nest in the upper level of any building or the attic. These rats are known for damaging electric wires, upholstery, door frames, lead pipes and foundations of buildings. They can be sighted mostly on roofs, patios, bushes, trees and power lines.

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