Can rats hurt you?

Just like many wild animals, rats can try to defend themselves when they are confronted. However, it is known that rats often choose to run instead of be in a confrontation. When they feel threatened, most of the time they will flee and stay away.

The reason why people are so wary of rats is the fact that they love to dwell near humans. This is because where humans are, food is in abundance and they can eat to their fill with great ease. Rats are also very common, and regardless of how well you keep your home, you may have to deal with rats once in a while. This is because rats are very good at finding entry points and can squeeze through the smallest looking holes. They can get into your home through vents and some other areas that you can’t possibly block. Small as they are, rats will sometimes try to lift barriers to explore their new surroundings. Many rats can get in through a wire mesh fence. This only tells you that you need to think hard about how you will deal with mice in order to make it totally effective.

Rats can also gain entry into your home through the pipes. Even the small looking pipes can allow rats to go through. They are great swimmers and climbers too. This tells you that rats can actually make it to your home through the toilet.

One other thing that you probably didn’t know about rats is that their teeth never stop growing, and so in order to keep them trim, they love to chew. They can chew through your walls, your insulation, your wires, your furniture and literally any other thing they can get their paws on. So to keep them at bay, you may require professional help. All entry holes need to be repaired with materials that cannot be gnawed on.

Having an infestation of rats is a very troubling thing. However, it shouldn’t bother you so much. This is because the chances of getting attacked by the rodents are very rare. Dealing with infestations correctly is the only way you can avoid coming face to face with a rat within your home.

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