Black pepper and rats

Black pepper is known to work miracles when it comes to dealing with rats. When you apply it where you have seen the rats, they are going to go away. You have to keep the trash away from the ground since it is where the rats get their food.

The rats are known to be notorious chewers, and they will go in a garbage bag or they can eat the wires on car engines, which can create a messy situation. You can combine the black pepper with natural rat control if you want to eliminate the pest problem completely.

The rats are going to go away from the home when you introduce the smell. You can use s natural rat control method or also introduce certain chemicals in the home, which will resolve the rat problem without having to kill them.

Besides black pepper, you can also try out cayenne pepper with hot pepper sauce. There are other home remedies that you can use in controlling the rats. Other products that you can use include peppermint and wasabi. Animal urine may also deter the rats.

Sprinkle the black pepper in the area that has a rat presence. You may combine the hot sauce with some oil so that it cannot stick, and you may spray the pepper in the rat infested place. You may also combine it with hot sauce and a little oil so that it may stick, and put it in the area you want to be treated. If the rats whiff the pepper, they may move out. You have to repeat this as many times as you can since if the old rats go somewhere else, then new ones can move in.

Any type of pepper or spicy food can be suitable to be used as a rat repellent. This includes Chinese hot mustard, horseradish and hot pepper sauces. Besides the black pepper, you may also try out mothballs, peppermint oil and ammonia. Homeowners may use peppermint and ammonia oil through soaking cotton balls and putting them around the property to keep away the rats.

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