What to do if you get bitten by a snake

Considering the fact that snakes are present in the larger part of our country, it is good to be careful when you are out and about. Snakes are always a present danger because they are always looking for a sunny spot.

When a snake bites, the most important thing is to determine whether it is a venomous snake or not. Venomous snakes usually have a slightly triangular head, narrow elliptical eyes, and a dent between the eyes and nostrils. In self-help procedures, it is suggested never to hunt after a snake that bit you because you risk being bitten again. If a snake got killed after the bite, it is good to bring it to the ER to determine which species it is, which can significantly affect the effectiveness of the therapy. A bite mark usually contains two puncture wounds, although it can be just one wound or even a scratch if a snake didn't completely puncture through the skin. Also, a puncture wound doesn't mean that poison was definitely injected into the body. According to official data, as much as 22% of bites don't contain signs of poisoning.

What to do in a case of a snake bite?

As we have already said, it is important to determine whether it is a venomous snake or not. If not, the wound should be thoroughly washed out, antibiotic ointment should be applied, and then the wound should be bandaged. Then it should be checked when the person received their last tetanus shot, and if it was over 5 years ago, they should receive it again.

If it was a venomous snake bite, the bitten person must rest without moving and the bitten hand or leg should be immobilized. About 2-3 inches above the bite mark on the hand or leg, something should be tied medium hard to stop vein and lymph circulation, in order to slow down the spreading of venom through the body. It is necessary to rush a bitten person to the hospital. Anti-venom is produced from horse serum that contains antibodies produced by a horse injected with the venom. Anti-venom is given through an IV and only when strictly indicated, considering that it can cause serious, even life-threatening reactions.

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