What if you are bitten by a stray cat?

Many people assume that a stray cat bite is not that serious.Stray cats are not considered to be as dangerous as stray dogs because they do not transmit rabies. Everyone tends to take a dog bite much more seriously than a stray cat bite, but stray cats can cause health problems as well.

Basically all kinds of stray cat bites are dangerous because bacteria thatis transmitted from a stray cat can enter the human body. The bacteria can affect the soft tissue down to the joints. All stray cat bites should be thoroughly cleaned, and some will require additional treatment. Certain cat bites will require treatment as serious as surgery. Small scratches and wounds require follow-up care to prevent infection.

An infection becomes a very serious threat from stray cat bites. In general, the infection does not occur immediately but takes time. You have to monitor the wound carefully.

The danger of a stray cat bite is not only severe infection but also various types of diseases that can affect the internal organs. One type of infection that is caused by the bite of a stray cat is bacterial infections pasteurella multocida. This infection comes from bacteria that livesin a stray cat's jaw. This bacterial infection can cause fever and severe health problems.

Usually stray cats are known to bite at the local joints such as the hands and fingers. If the bite wounds are left untreated, it can cause infections of the joints and muscle pains. One sign of infection is joints that cannot be used properly and muscles that do not function as normal. If you are bitten by a stray cat it is important to take care of the wound properly and receive medical attention as necessary.

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