What is the best brand of cage trap?

When dealing with a wild animal invasion in the home, there are a myriad of ways of trapping, capturing, killing or releasing them that have proven effective. Although there are many debates as to whether pests should be killed or release into the wild, the truth is that if you want to go for a humane method, capture and release is probably the way to go. This is mostly recommended for animals like squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and foxes.

Cage traps are also known as “live traps” because they are basically designed to trap the animal without causing it harm, thus allowing it to be transported to a suitable release point. These cage traps come in many shapes and sizes, and are used to relocate wild animals in farms and forest, but also to capture small animals that find their way into human homes.

One of the most commonly found visitors to human homes are squirrels. Because of their outgoing and bold personalities, and their dangerous lack of fear they tend to feel very comfortable in human dwellings. One of the best ways to retrieve them is a cage trap.

A cage trap often has bait inside, anything from peanut butter, cheese or chocolate, to live bait for bigger animals can work. The cage has a door that allows the animal in, and then a mechanism causes the door to drop down, preventing the animal from leaving again. The cage trap is ideal as it keep the animal safe and allows it to breath and be fed while it is transported to the relocation site.

There is an incredible variety of cage traps available on the internet, and choosing the right one depends on the animal you intend to trap, and where you plan to place the cage in order to lure in this animal. If it’s a small animal like a squirrel or a rabbit, the cage mesh will need to be quite closely knot to prevent the squirrel from escaping through one of the holes. When choosing a cage trap make sure that the size is right and that the mechanism works smoothly, ensuring that the door will close quickly, before the animal has a chance to escape.

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