Beaver Repellents - Types, and do they work?

Beavers can be up to 50 pounds, and they are known to chew on wood and to build dams. They are normally gentle animals, but they can be deemed a nuisance if the dams they have built cause flooding problems or if they cause property damage because of their chewing.

There are a few available methods that people have used to effectively repel beavers away from their property. For example, the use of Thiram on plants may prevent beavers from chewing them. A stout fence will keep them away from a creek or pond, and you can install a beaver drain pipe to lower the water levels. Beavers are known to destroy trees and vegetation, and they can cause flooding with their dams. The damage may become problematic and even dangerous. You can have beaver problems if you live near a body of water like a river, lake or pond.

Using paint and sand is one method you can use to get rid of beavers on your property. It is an effective and cheap way many people use to repel beavers. You can take latex paint and sand and mix them together to create this repellent. When the ingredients have been mixed, paint the mixture on the trees that are located near a water source on your property so that the beavers will not use them as materials for their dams. Instead of painting the trees, you can also use fencing to keep the trees out of reach of beavers. The fencing will be most effective if the fence is made using metal and chain links.

There are some types of pellets and sprays available that can be used to repel beavers. They can be bought from the local hardware or garden store. There are some sprays that are used alone and some that can be attached to hoses. Certain types of pellets can be sprinkled in the area where the beavers are likely to be. It is good to be aware of the safety precautions and to follow the instructions while using these repellents.

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