Beaver Prevention - How to keep beavers away from a pond or stream

As human development spreads, there have been an increasing number of human and beaver conflicts. It is good to know some methods for keeping beavers away from a pond or stream on your property. You can cut down the trees near the water source since beavers have a broad diet of shrubs, plants, trees and other aquatic vegetations. They only eat plants despite a common misconception that they eat fish.

Because beavers do not climb, you may protect the trees through wrapping them in wires or by fencing them in. The use of a paint and sand mixture on trees comes with limited success; however, it will need to be reapplied frequently. When you are concerned about the aesthetics, you may consider a two-strand electric fence.

Beaver pipes are used to lower the level of the water held by the dam. The beaver will need the water in order to feel secure, and when they lose the ability of storing the water and controlling the depth of the water, they will abandon their sites. The straightforward approach used by many people is destroying the dam. This is going to work for only a limited period. If you cannot keep up with the beavers, they will rebuild the dam regularly. When the beaver pipes draw out the water and the beaver fails to know why the water is reducing, they will move away.

Deciding to trap and relocate the beaver to another place means you will be giving the problem to another person. When you take the beaver away to another habitat, it may find other beavers that have been established there, and these beavers are going to defend such territories and will attack or kill newcomers. When it comes to removing the beavers, this will not solve the problems since other beavers can come to the same place. The trapping should be enhanced by the removal of the dam and other elements that attract beavers. The best way that you may ensure that you do not suffer from a beaver problem is to make sure that they do not come to your property in the first place.

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