What is the best bait to trap a rat?

When it comes to trapping a rat, people often look for cheese as it is a common bait to lure them. Other than that, people tend to use bacon or peanut butter. However, wild animal researchers suggest many other specific foods that you can use to catch rats. The best choice depends on the type of rats.

Brown rats eat meat and black rats are vegans

Black rats eat veggies and brown rats can eat various foods including meat. Thus, it is unwise to use only one type of food like peanut butter, for example, to catch various rat species. Try to determine which rat species you are facing and choose the bait accordingly.

Same bait repeated

The thing about rats is that these animals cannot vomit, and so they are careful about what they eat. They will take the bait in small bites and they tend to prefer eating the same foods they have eaten previously. Since they only eat a small portion of the bait you give, it is not necessary to offer them a big piece of food.

When eating new food, rats tend to smell the other rats’ breath to make sure they are okay with that strange food. Once they eat it, they will compete for it since they think it is a safe food to eat. Therefore, you can place the bait inside the trap for a few days before actually setting the trap so that the rats can test the food out.

Use food that smells stinky

Indeed, the odor of the food, most of the time sulfuric odor, will attract rats. This is why the stinkier the cheese, the tastier it appears for the rats. The smells of sulfur and other bad odors will catch their interest. .

Do not use large bait

When the bait is large, they can drag it out of the cage. Thus, make sure that the bait fits in the trap so that the rat may consume it inside.

Do not use dry bait

Dry bait does not lure the rats. Instead, it actually repels them from your trap. This is why it is not recommended to use commercial products specifically designed to attract rats. They may not be as effective as the ones you prepare from fresh foods.

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