What is the best bait to trap a groundhog?

If you are looking for the best bait to catch a groundhog, you should keep in mind that bait is not the most important thing when it comes to catching the groundhog. The most important is the placement of the trap. You should put a trap in the normal runway of a groundhog found between the garden and burrow. You may put grass over the trap so that it can look natural. In case you want to use bait within the trap, the best items to use are corn, peas and broccoli.

Most animal traps come with features where you can put bait in order to lure the animal inside. The compartments are important whether you are dealing with groundhogs or any other type of animal. You can use different types of bait or foods if you wish to catch the groundhog. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are many factors that may contribute to trapping the groundhog in a more successful manner. A groundhog will normally scavenge in the area where it has the burrow. This is why they make their burrow mostly near fruits or garden vegetables.

When it comes to trapping the groundhog, the problem is that groundhogs may have their own personal preferences when it comes to taste. This means what one groundhog likes may not be the same thing that another groundhog will like. Most groundhogs will like string beans, sweet corn, lettuce and peas. The fruits they tend to like include peaches, strawberries and cantaloupe. These fruits have to be left in a certain position so that the groundhog can trigger the trap when it is reaching for the bait.

Besides choosing the right bait, you should learn about the right trap location. Put the trap six feet away from the entry hole of a burrow. In case there are multiple holes, you can use multiple traps to increase the chances of catching the groundhog faster. You have to be careful when it comes to touching the trap since the groundhog will not enter into it if it has a human scent.

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