What is the best bait to trap an armadillo?

The armadillo is one of the nuisance animals that one may find within their property. As with most animals, baiting the armadillo is a good idea. The choice of bait depends mainly on the trapper. Bait can help attract armadillos, but at the same time other animals may also be attracted to the trap, making it less effective.

Understanding the behavior of armadillos may help with ideas of what to use as bait. For instance, armadillos feed mainly on insects and invertebrates. This is food that they access from the ground. Usually, armadillos don’t forage above ground, so many people may not use such bait within their traps. Using these kinds of bait can attract animals such as raccoons and opossums since they do enjoy that kind of food too. Even using fruits can actually lead to more animals coming into the trap and getting caught instead of the armadillo.

When it comes to armadillos, one of the best baits that you can use is worms, grubs and even rotten food. Other things that you may consider to use as bait include spoiled meat, maggots and even overripe fruits. You may also find that most people don’t like using insects and earthworms because finding appropriate bait could pose a challenge. How you place the bait within the trap and the kind of trap you use greatly determines how effective the whole process will be.

There are many more things to consider when trapping an armadillo. As much as choosing the correct bait is important, there are some things that will make the whole process a tad more successful. In order to catch the armadillo without a lot of issues, a great location needs to be chosen. This is the area where you place the trap. You will discover that armadillos that love your garden will have a particular route that they use every time. These are the areas that should be examined carefully to look out for any signs of things such as burrowing. A trap should then be placed in the area that shows activity. Putting the trap right in the armadillo path will increase the chances of capture. This is because the armadillo will be more likely to see it and try to access the food within. Some signs of an armadillo path include areas that have burrowing or areas where grass looks like it has been trampled on. This can be within your garden or around the property. If you have a fence, then looking around the fence can also help a lot as you may be able to find the entry point, making it one of the ideal points to place your trap.

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