Should I feed the baby wild animal I found?

Even if it is rare to find a baby wild animal without the mother, sometimes it happens. During such circumstances, it can be hard for the person who found them to know what to do. This happens if the baby wandered too far from a sleeping mother or if the mother has gone out to look for food. Sometimes the mother may be dead or the baby may have separated from the mother. The rate of survival of the wild animal baby will depend on how young it is and the type of animal. This is why it is important to know the right action to take if you find a baby animal to ensure a high survival rate.

Do you have to care for the animal on your own?

The truth is that the baby animal will struggle to survive when it gets separated from the mother. Even if people may have good intentions, they may not have the right facility needed to take care of the baby animal. The baby animals have complicated nutritional requirements, and they can vary from one species to another. This is why it may not be that easy to get the right replacement for the milk of the mother. The baby wild animal will also be sensitive towards the temperature, and it is going to be hard for any person to take care of the baby animal.

If you cannot take the baby to a specialist at once, then you should learn how you can feed it. The first thing is to make sure that you keep the animal warm and give it a dehydration solution like Pedialyte found in different drug stores. You have to give it to a baby after each 30 minutes up to the time that the animal starts to urinate. You can use a milk replacement like Esbilac and kitten milk replacement to feed the baby animal. However, this has to be done after the re-hydration solution is given. You also have to make sure that the baby is kept warm using a heating pad and a towel in a box. You can use a soft cloth but not a terry a cloth to warm the baby.

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